Who Are We?

Looking for the low-down on us? The nitty-gritty dirt on who we are? To put it quite simply we believe that every great achievement stems from one thing- an idea, or as we like to put it an Eyedea. In short we are a crew of a creative, eclectic and innovative designers, marketers and communications professionals that if we were speaking in person we’d most likely sit you down and offer you a frosty beverage or two.

Eyedea is more than just advertising. The way we see it, it’s about putting our minds, hearts and the incredible tools of our times into play by connecting people with brands and ideas that we believe in.

We design branding with a backbone, beautiful, highly functional websites, jaw dropping campaigns and events that are the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Time, effort and out-of-the box thinking is taken to understand your company’s story so that objectives are not only met but excelled through the most effective and strategic means possible. We stand by our clients and not just our work.

Don’t try to radically rethink the universe. Let us do it for you, sit back and watch as the Eyedea is propelled into reality!

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